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Snaps from the Cleveland Museum of Art

Over Memorial Day weekend, I had the chance to visit Cleveland for the first time for the wedding of one of my good friends from graduate school. The wedding was held at the… Continue reading

Exploring the First Bay Area Book Festival

I’ve been having some awesome bookish adventures lately. One of the reasons I love my annual reading challenge is that it keeps me much more plugged in to what people are writing and… Continue reading

Sonoma Getaway Weekend

One of the big perks of living in Berkeley is easy access to wine country. I’ve taken pretty good advantage of the situation in past years–I get up to Napa 3-4 times per… Continue reading

Spring Break: Hollywood!

During my time in the US a few weeks ago, I took a road trip from Berkeley down to sunny Los Angeles to attend the annual meeting of the  Western Political Science Association… Continue reading

A Day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Hello, everyone! Apologies for the overly long hiatus. Things have been busy in real life, which means that blogging often falls by the wayside. Rest assured, things are going well here in Japan,… Continue reading

Things I Like About Japan #6: Small Drinks Are Actually Small

Today we have another installment of my long-neglected “Things I Like About Japan” series. One thing I really like about Japan is that small drinks are actually small here. In the US, we’ve… Continue reading

Back to Berkeley

Photo: View of Golden Gate by Simen S Apologies for the blogging hiatus. After an action-packed week of sightseeing around Japan, I returned to the Bay Area on Saturday, July 24. Since then,… Continue reading

An unintentional photoblog?

Well, it seems that the difficulties of maintaining a blog while working full-time have inadvertently turned this into a photoblog.  But never fear, more narratives are in the making – you may just… Continue reading

A Day on the National Mall…

Kristi & Tessa, Washington Monument Hirshhorn Museum Kristi, The Spirit of Texas National Air & Space Museum Vietnam War Memorial Lincoln Memorial Kristi, Capitol Building Kristi & Einstein, National Academy of Sciences Read… Continue reading

Vacation in review

Well, I'm back in California now; my three-week vacation in Washington State has come to an end.  I saw so many people and did so many fun things – what a great trip! … Continue reading