An unintentional photoblog?

Well, it seems that the difficulties of maintaining a blog while working full-time have inadvertently turned this into a photoblog.  But never fear, more narratives are in the making – you may just have to wait for a while longer.  :)  For now, be content with more pictures proving that I'm actually living in Washington D.C.

By some strange twist of fate, my high school friend Gloria has been visiting the area for the past few weeks.  We had the opportunity to catch up a bit while strolling through Georgetown and the National mall.  She's currently doing great things while pursuing a Ph.D. in History at UC San Diego.

Another stock photo of me at the National Mall, courtesy of Gloria.

This photo contains about half of the students in the International Political Economy class I took this past spring.  The two on the left were on exchange from Sweden and Denmark respectively, so they won't be returning to Berkeley in the fall.

The picture above was taken during the last few days of the annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

And here we have the trademark arch in Chinatown.

Anyway, that gives you a visual smattering of what I've been up to lately.  I hope to write more about my impressions of D.C. at some point, but I have a feeling that this experience may be over before I have too much time to reflect on it.  Sufficeth to say that I really enjoy living here and have been extremely thankful to have the opportunity to reconnect and renew relationships with friends from around the world.  This weekend I'll be venturing up to the Big Apple for a whole host of new sights and smells, so check back for the full report.  :)

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