Back to Berkeley

View of Golden Gate
Photo: View of Golden Gate by Simen S

Apologies for the blogging hiatus. After an action-packed week of sightseeing around Japan, I returned to the Bay Area on Saturday, July 24. Since then, I’ve been recovering from jet lag and trying to catch up with the inordinate amount of work that I’ve come home to. Really, it’s a lot–in the next month, I have to edit a book for publication, write two book chapters, revise a paper for a conference in early September, schedule interviews, keep progressing with my Japanese, and make headway on my dissertation–not to mention make arrangements to move to Tokyo. I’m only back in the Bay Area until the end of August, then I’m off to Washington D.C. for a couple of weeks, back to Berkeley for a week, and then up to Seattle for another couple of weeks before heading back to Japan for a full year of dissertation fieldwork. But seriously, it seems like things are always like this. I can’t remember the last time I was bored.

It hasn’t been all work though. I’ve been taking some time to rest up and meet with friends and family, though many of my favorite people won’t be returning to the area until late August (if ever–a number of them have gone off to do fieldwork or *gasp* start actual  jobs). I also attended an amazing “Homestead Cheese and Pairings Soiree” hosted by Monteillet Fromagerie at Ark 221 in San Francisco, which might have been amazing enough to actually warrant its own entry. So much great food, plus live music–exactly the kind of thing I love.

Anyway, I sincerely hope that there will be more blogging in the not-too-distant future. I have a stack of Japan-related travel entries that I’m hoping to post, in addition to a bunch of other random stuff that’s been floating through the fog of my brain. More soon!