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Lost in the Archives: 10 Albums I Enjoyed in 2010

Every year, a recurring item on my list of New Year’s resolutions is “make a year-end music list.” Unfortunately, this just never seems to happen. Though I do better in some years than… Continue reading

Welcome to the World of Tsugaru Shamisen

I traveled north to Aomori this past spring for Golden Week, and the friend who so graciously hosted me was living in the city of Tsugaru, home of the art of Tsugaru shamisen.… Continue reading

Move Over Broadway, It’s Takarazuka Time!

On July 10, I went to the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater to see the Star Troupe perform a show called “Dancer Serenata” combined with a dance portion themed “Celebrity.” It was my fourth Takarazuka… Continue reading

Goodbye, Lennon: Remembering The John Lennon Museum

Up until last year, Japan was the home of the first John Lennon museum to be officially authorized by Yoko Ono. Housed inside the Saitama Super Arena, the 1,500-square-meter museum opened on October… Continue reading

Cat-Sitting in Asagaya

This post is brought to you from Asagaya, where I’m cat-sitting for a friend who went to the University of Washington with me. He and his family are traveling for the week, and… Continue reading

Yoshida Brothers at Yoshi’s Jazz Club

Thanks to a last-minute tip from Tokyo Mango via Twitter, a friend and I had the opportunity to see the Yoshida Brothers at Yoshi’s Jazz Club in San Francisco on Thursday night. The… Continue reading


Click here to watch a short video with clips from the show: Takarazuka: Roget / Rock On! Seriously, click above–it’s much easier to understand if you see it for yourself! :) So, last weekend… Continue reading

Peter Bjorn and John / Fujiya & Miyagi / Ill Ease @ Bimbo’s

First of all, I should note that I am officially done with my first year of graduate school.  I submitted my last paper this morning and an intense feeling of relief immediately overtook… Continue reading

The Shins @ The Warfield

I saw The Shins for the fifth time in my life last night. Unfortunately, due to schoolwork, I entirely missed Viva Voce, who I've seen before and adore. But yes, The Shins. My… Continue reading

It all adds up

In a spectacular effort to procrastinate, I've discovered that I've seen at least 91 bands live.  I guess that's not that much, especially when you count openers, but I hadn't realized that it… Continue reading