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Wordless Wednesday #34: Instagram Instagram Instagram

Beautiful late autumn colors, The University of Tokyo Cold day, bright tights Conspicuous criminality The way we were (circa 1989) First attempt at homemade hummus Happy Wednesday! Thanks for stopping by–please take a… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #33: Instagram Time!

Best muesli ever, Two Rooms, Omotesando The hazards of the Japanese holiday season–don’t drunkenly fall off the train platform! Takata Memorial Library, Waseda Christmas party for visiting researchers Bossy baby wants better diapers… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #32: Weekly Dose of Instagram!

The many faces of dissertating Tokyo subway life Last day at the Nitobe Kokusai Juku First attempt at homemade fettuccine alfredo Shadow commuting That’s it for this week! I’ve been busy, so there… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #31: Highlights from Instagram

A reminder not to scandalize bears and the handicapped with PDA in the priority seats A leisurely morning of Kindle and pancakes My disgruntled work face My beloved local produce market Christmas card… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #30: More Instagram Snaps

Sexy lady robots advertising for a “robot restaurant” in Shinjuku Sampling the craft beer and the Chicago-style pizza at DevilCraft Yummy eggs benedict at Roti, Roppongi A rooftop film screening in Nihonbashi The recently… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #29: Highlights from Instagram

I’ve taken quite a fancy to Instagram lately as a really fun way to chronicle and share my daily life. Even though the iPhone doesn’t allow for superior photo quality, the social networking… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #28: Upcoming Takarazuka Shows

Romeo & Juliette, 8/10-9/9/2012, Tokyo Takarazuka Theater To follow up on my previous post on the Takarazuka Revue, I thought I would share some of the great posters for upcoming shows. They give… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #27: The Original Kirin, Nagasaki

I spotted this statue when I was at Glover Garden in Nagasaki. According to the brochure, it was the model for the picture of the Kirin used on the logo for Thomas Blake… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #26: Heart Stone, Nagasaki

Spotted at Glover Garden: “As the story goes, touching a heart-shaped paved stone will make your dreams of love come true, while good things will come if you find both stones.” Happy Wednesday!

Wordless Wednesday #25: Hello from Kyushu!

I’m currently in the midst of an amazing trip through Kyushu and Kyoto—I’ll have lots of great stuff to share with you when I get back! For now, here’s a shot of me… Continue reading