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Make Terracotta Animals, Not War: The Tomb of Emperor Jingdi

Today’s post is a flashback to my trip to China in the aftermath of the Tohoku earthquake. We spent most of our time in Beijing, but we did manage to make one trip… Continue reading

China Eats: Yángròu Pàomó in Xi’an

I enjoyed so many delicious foods when I was in China last year! Although many people are only familiar with the limited range of dishes available at Chinese restaurants abroad, Chinese cuisine is… Continue reading

A Short Introduction to Chinese Silk-Making

This post has been waiting in the wings for too long! On yet another detour en route to see the Terracotta Army outside of Xi’an, my tour group stopped at a small silk… Continue reading

Banpo: A 6,000-Year-Old Chinese Neolithic Village

While en route to see the Terracotta Army outside of Xi’an, my guided tour stopped at a sight I’d never even heard of: the Banpo Neolithic Village. Discovered in 1953, the location contains… Continue reading

Muslim Quarter, Xi’an

The “flashback to China” continues! I spent the majority of my trip in Beijing, but I made one short trip to Xi’an, the one-time capital city of China, the starting point of the… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #18: Dumplings!

Continuing with the theme of food in China, I thought I’d use this week’s (relatively) Wordless Wednesday to showcase some of the dumplings we encountered. The first three photos feature the same set… Continue reading

Pigging Out on Peking Duck

In China, we had two goals in mind. I wanted to see lots of historic buildings and sites, and my friend R wanted to “eat everything,” which turned out to be a pretty… Continue reading

Inside the Forbidden City

I haven’t written much about my trip to China since I posted about Beijing’s 798 Art District back in May, but I’m determined to share some of my pictures and experiences with you… Continue reading

The Temple of Heaven

My attempt to sort and process my endless supply of China photographs continues, and today’s installment is the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. We spent a few rewarding hours wandering around here on… Continue reading

Post-Industrial Art: Beijing’s 798 Art District

So, my time in China was amazing and jam-packed with awesome sightseeing and eating. I think I took over 1,000 photos over the course of the 2.5 weeks I spent in Beijing and… Continue reading