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Sonoma Getaway Weekend

One of the big perks of living in Berkeley is easy access to wine country. I’ve taken pretty good advantage of the situation in past years–I get up to Napa 3-4 times per… Continue reading

Rice Cooker Baking Experiment #3: Rosemary Bread

Rice cooker baking is back! Actually, it never really left–I just haven’t been posting about it. My new favorite recipe is definitely rosemary bread, which I got from Adventures in (Post) Gradland, who… Continue reading

Instagramming Tokyo’s Cafe Scene

http://instagram.com/p/V8NmyVqnpv/ One of the best things about being a graduate student is that you don’t have to spend 8 to 5 in a stuffy office. You can work anywhere you want, pretty much… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #29: Highlights from Instagram

I’ve taken quite a fancy to Instagram lately as a really fun way to chronicle and share my daily life. Even though the iPhone doesn’t allow for superior photo quality, the social networking… Continue reading

Traditional Kaiseki Cuisine at a Japanese Ryokan

The theme of this month’s J-Festa blogging showcase is “Dining in Japan,” which sounded like an excellent excuse to share some more photos from my recent trip to Hakone. A major highlight of… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #18: Dumplings!

Continuing with the theme of food in China, I thought I’d use this week’s (relatively) Wordless Wednesday to showcase some of the dumplings we encountered. The first three photos feature the same set… Continue reading

Pigging Out on Peking Duck

In China, we had two goals in mind. I wanted to see lots of historic buildings and sites, and my friend R wanted to “eat everything,” which turned out to be a pretty… Continue reading