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Wordless Wednesday #35: Instagramming Japanese Ads

http://instagram.com/p/b-D8nhqnvU/ Above: “My dates are only along the Tokyu [train] line.” http://instagram.com/p/ZH_wBzqnsk/ http://instagram.com/p/WtaxYGqnjI/ Above: Creepy ad targeting people who want to transfer jobs a to foreign-affiliated company http://instagram.com/p/WMVA5zqnli/ Above: Hey girl, is your… Continue reading

Santarchy 2011, Shibuya

Thanks to a tip from the always useful Time Out Tokyo, I stopped by on December 17 to catch the beginnings of “Santarchy 2011 near the statue of Hachiko in Shibuya (just down… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #24: Banana Case, Anyone?

Bet you didn’t realize you needed one of these! Actually, I might need one—I took a banana in for lunch the other day, and it was a bit battered after the morning commute…… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #20: Buddha is Watching You!

This photo was taken near the public computer at the Zenkoji Temple Inn in Takayama, Japan. This place is a Buddhist temple that also serves as a hostel—and evidently, it has a good… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #16: Tiger Bike, Berkeley

Isn’t this amazing? I spotted it in Berkeley just in front of Trattoria Corso (which has great pasta, by the way). I love the white belly. Happy Wednesday!

Wordless Wednesday #13: Heart-Resisting Glass

A delightful piece of Engrish on a tea pot I bought shortly before leaving Japan—I also love that it is made not only in but of Poland. Happy Wednesday!

Wordless Wednesday #6: Be Honest

On a slight blogging hiatus due to work and travel overload. This shot is from my recent trip to the Philippines; these signs encouraging people to be honest were all over Iloilo City.… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #5: Comrades & Cutouts

      Random silliness from Japan and San Francisco’s Japantown. Apologies for the hiatus in substantive blog posts–I’m traveling at the moment. For now, happy Wednesday!

More About Monkeys

For those of you who enjoyed my previous post, CNN just did a little story on the Jigokudani Monkey Park–the video above gives you a better idea of what it’s like to actually… Continue reading