Santarchy 2011, Shibuya

Thanks to a tip from the always useful Time Out Tokyo, I stopped by on December 17 to catch the beginnings of “Santarchy 2011 near the statue of Hachiko in Shibuya (just down the street from my apartment). From the Time Out website:

Giving Christmas a bad name for 18 years, the annual tradition of Santarchy sees hordes of Santa Clauses gather, get drunk and make merry in cities throughout the world. Tokyo’s will be starting from Hachiko in Shibuya at noon on December 17, and anybody hoping to make sense of it all should take heed of a statement on the official website: ‘No violence, no insistence, no purpose, no commercialism, no hypocrisy, no money, no spectator, you are Santa.’ Amen to that.

A bit odd perhaps, but fun. The Santas were still gathering when I popped by. I wonder what mischief they got up to later on.