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Exploring the First Bay Area Book Festival

I’ve been having some awesome bookish adventures lately. One of the reasons I love my annual reading challenge is that it keeps me much more plugged in to what people are writing and… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #21: Clocks

  From top to bottom: Minato Mirai Ferris Wheel (Yokohama, Japan); Asakusa (Tokyo, Japan); “Chariot of the Harvest,” Corcoran Gallery of the Art (Washington, DC); Hirata Folk Art Museum (Takayama, Japan); Citizen Clock… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #19: Isetta, Berkeley

A short break from the China flashbacks for a more recent Berkeley flashback: While I was sitting in the original Peet’s Coffee in Berkeley last month, this cute little “bubble car” pulled up,… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #16: Tiger Bike, Berkeley

Isn’t this amazing? I spotted it in Berkeley just in front of Trattoria Corso (which has great pasta, by the way). I love the white belly. Happy Wednesday!

The Joys of Sunny California

Because I so often find myself moaning about weather, I feel that I should take a moment to note that it has been absolutely beautiful in Berkeley lately. Still a bit cool in… Continue reading

Berkeley and Tokyo: Anti-Nuclear Parallels?

Given the recent events in Japan, many around the world have raised new (and old) concerns about nuclear energy and its risks, which has made me a little more thoughtful about those espousing… Continue reading

2010 in Photos

Ok, so I know I’m really milking this new year/year in review stuff for all it’s worth, but it’s a good excuse for me to take a moment and reflect on life in… Continue reading

Back to Berkeley

Photo: View of Golden Gate by Simen S Apologies for the blogging hiatus. After an action-packed week of sightseeing around Japan, I returned to the Bay Area on Saturday, July 24. Since then,… Continue reading

Kristi’s got a brand new blog!

After a three-month hiatus, Kristi is back in the world of public blogging!  Kristi in Japan is still up, but I'm no longer updating it, for obvious reasons. So what's new?  Since Japan,… Continue reading