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Chuson-ji: Temple of the Fujiwara Clan

Last year, I made a brief stop in Iwate prefecture to visit the city of Hiraizumi, which was declared a World Heritage site in 2011 (the first World Heritage site in Tohoku). I… Continue reading

Golden Week Hiatus: New Posts Coming Soon!

As many of you know, we just finished Golden Week here in Japan, which partially explains my lack of updates. But on the plus side, I just returned from a fantastic trip to… Continue reading

Places in Japan: One Fantastic Day in Historic Takayama

Reesan from loneleeplanet has started up a new blogging festival called J-Festa to showcase the best of Japan, and this month’s theme is “Places in Japan.” I thought I would use the opportunity… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #20: Buddha is Watching You!

This photo was taken near the public computer at the Zenkoji Temple Inn in Takayama, Japan. This place is a Buddhist temple that also serves as a hostel—and evidently, it has a good… Continue reading

The Temple of Heaven

My attempt to sort and process my endless supply of China photographs continues, and today’s installment is the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. We spent a few rewarding hours wandering around here on… Continue reading

An Afternoon in Asakusa

Predictably, my rate of blogging has decreased considerably from the start of the year—I’ve gone from 5 posts per week to barely being able to muster up the time and energy to meet… Continue reading

Narita, Beyond the Airport

So, as many of you know from experience, Narita is the site of Japan’s main international airport. It’s also surprisingly far away from Tokyo. I remember coming into Narita for the first time… Continue reading

Ginkaku-ji and the Philosopher’s Path

So, this post is actually about a trip that I took a while back—during my very first weekend in Kyoto, in fact. The CLS/KCJS folks arranged a trip along the Philosopher’s Path (… Continue reading


やっぱり(As expected), I’m behind on posts. The time is just flying by! At this point, I have less than three weeks left in Japan. We only have about a week of classes left,… Continue reading

Hello from Kyoto!

It’s been such a busy week! On Monday, I moved out of the house I’d been living in for the last three years, put most of my earthly possessions in storage, and got… Continue reading