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Wordless Wednesday #4: Snow Monkeys, Nagano

It’s considerably less cold in Tokyo this week, so maybe spring is on its way after all. But who doesn’t love snow monkeys? Related links: More pictures from my Nagano roadtrip [Flickr] More… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #3: Snowy Omi Shrine, Niigata

Given the weather we’ve been having in Tokyo lately, I thought it would be appropriate to continue with the snow theme. Of course, Tokyo’s winters are nothing compared to those a few hours… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #2: Temple of Snow, Sapporo

Gigantic Replica of Nara’s Horyu-ji Temple, Odori Park, 2006 Sapporo Snow Festival In honor of the 62nd annual Sapporo Snow Festival, which kicked off on Monday. More pictures My original post about the… Continue reading

Random Post-Thanksgiving Items

1. Snow in Western Washington. Bizarre. Exhibit 1a: UW Tacoma webcam Exhibit 1b: Ice-related car crash in front of my brother's house (courtesy of kazzman – you can see the arson house in… Continue reading

Winter Strikes Back

I feel the need to share that it has been snowing profusely for the last two days. It was extremely spring-like three days ago. There was basically no snow anywhere. Windows were rolled… Continue reading

You know it’s been a bad winter when…

The government wants to give it a name. The number of snow-related deaths (134) this season is the second-highest in the post-war era. Although I personally think that “Heisei 18 (2006) Heavy Snow”… Continue reading

Sapporo Snow Festival

So, despite a long workweek, Rosalind and I flew off to Sapporo on Friday for the 57th Annual Sapporo Snow Festival. The flight from Niigata to Hokkaido took a mere hour and after… Continue reading

Unquestionably Winter

Snow has settled in to stay here in Kamo as of late – I ventured out for a little bit today to take a couple of shots: Snowy Omi Shrine, Kamo Originally uploaded… Continue reading