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Things I Like About Japan #8: Hanami

It’s springtime here in Japan, which means that it’s time for one of my favorite pastimes: hanami! What is hanami, you ask? Well, it’s usually translated as “cherry blossom viewing,” but it’s so… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #11: Cherry Blossoms

“Sakura Sakura,” a well-known Japanese folk song about cherry blossoms.

More sakura love and urban fun

So, it’s been a little while. Things have been kinda crazy and kinda random, but then again, that’s often the way life is out here in Japan. On Thursday, Aaron and I caught… Continue reading

Undeniably Spring

You know, it just isn’t springtime in Japan until the cherry blossoms have graced you with their presence. The sakura is Japan’s unofficial national flower, and it’s amazing how culturally important it is.… Continue reading