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Chuson-ji: Temple of the Fujiwara Clan

Last year, I made a brief stop in Iwate prefecture to visit the city of Hiraizumi, which was declared a World Heritage site in 2011 (the first World Heritage site in Tohoku). I… Continue reading

Yabusame: The Japanese Art of Horseback Archery

Horses and archery probably aren’t the first things that come to mind when you think of Japan, but in fact, bows date back to Japan’s prehistoric Jomon era (14,000-300 BC) and historical records of… Continue reading

Mitama Matsuri: Festival of Lanterns

Every July, Tokyo’s Yasukuni Shrine celebrates the souls of the departed at the Mitama Matsuri. As you may already know, Yasukuni Shrine is rather infamous–the souls of Japan’s war dead are enshrined there, including 14 Class-A… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #20: Buddha is Watching You!

This photo was taken near the public computer at the Zenkoji Temple Inn in Takayama, Japan. This place is a Buddhist temple that also serves as a hostel—and evidently, it has a good… Continue reading

Street Scenes from the Philippines

The week before the 3/11 Japanese earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster turned everything upside down, I made a short trip to the Philippines to visit family in Iloilo City on the island of Panay. I didn’t… Continue reading

The Temple of Heaven

My attempt to sort and process my endless supply of China photographs continues, and today’s installment is the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. We spent a few rewarding hours wandering around here on… Continue reading