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And The Anti-Nuclear Protests Continue…

Monday was a national holiday here in Japan, and thousands of people gathered on their day off to participate in a huge antinuclear rally and march. The event started with a rally in… Continue reading

A Day at the Diet

Last week, my politics/economics class went on an outing to the National Diet Building, the home of the two houses of the Japanese legislature.  (We also went to the Imperial Palace, but that’s… Continue reading

Anti-Nuclear Protest, Shibuya

There was a small anti-nuclear protest near my apartment in Shibuya tonight. I could hear the chanting about Fukushima, so I went out to take a look. The protest seemed to be in… Continue reading

Berkeley and Tokyo: Anti-Nuclear Parallels?

Given the recent events in Japan, many around the world have raised new (and old) concerns about nuclear energy and its risks, which has made me a little more thoughtful about those espousing… Continue reading

The Indomitable Mrs. Kan

Anyone who follows Japanese politics knows that Prime Minister Naoto Kan hasn’t been having an easy time of it. Despite the fact the his party, the Democratic Party of Japan, was swept into… Continue reading

Troubling News from North Korea

Picture via the Associated Press and The New York Times As many of you know, North Korea fired a number of artillery shells at a South Korean island today. The reports are still… Continue reading

More join the ranks of the missing!

Just a quick update on my previous post. While I earlier mentioned that Japanese officials estimated that there were about 75 people missing across Japan, it now appears that there are 105 centenarians unaccounted for… Continue reading

Japan’s Missing Centenarians

It appears that having the world’s second-largest number of centenarians (people over 100 years old) has its hazards. It all started in late July, when the mummified remains of a man thought to… Continue reading

Election time!

It’s election time here in Japan. The official 17-day campaign period for the 2010 Upper House election began on June 24, and the actual election is scheduled to take place on July 11.… Continue reading

East Timor president suggests Japan eat fruit, not whales

Simpsons Food Chain by =SpacePlatypus on deviantART I came across this article and couldn’t resist sharing it as a follow up to my previous post on the Japanese and the whaling issue. According… Continue reading