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Things I Like About Japan #8: Hanami

It’s springtime here in Japan, which means that it’s time for one of my favorite pastimes: hanami! What is hanami, you ask? Well, it’s usually translated as “cherry blossom viewing,” but it’s so… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #10: Signs of Spring

One of the great things about living in Niigata-ken was getting to see the changing seasons through the rice cultivation cycle. The fields are an unbelievably lush green in the summer and gradually… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #3: Snowy Omi Shrine, Niigata

Given the weather we’ve been having in Tokyo lately, I thought it would be appropriate to continue with the snow theme. Of course, Tokyo’s winters are nothing compared to those a few hours… Continue reading

A much overdue conclusion

So, it’s been a long time since I updated this blog – I left Japan on July 29th, and now I’m back in the U.S.! I’ve moved down to California and started a… Continue reading

Busy week-end…

Man, it’s kind of frightening how quickly I can pack for trips now. Seriously. I got back from an enkai with the people from my Board of Education in Nagaoka about an hour… Continue reading

And the story continues…

Yeah, so I’m not going to wax philosophical about this goodbye business because … well, it’s pretty much the running theme for the next couple of weeks, right? :) Yesterday I parted ways… Continue reading

Let the goodbyes begin…

This weekend was all about goodbyes – to possessions and friends both. Spent a lot of the weekend cleaning my apartment and selling/giving furniture to various people/places around Niigata. I don’t have a… Continue reading

Happy Fourth of July!

So, in celebration of the Fourth of July, Melissa, Kate, Errol, myself, and Kayvohn (our honorary American) got together for an American-style hoedown in Maki, complete with beef, (accidental) pork burgers, corn, apple… Continue reading

Another weekend in Niigata…

Pink Girls! Originally uploaded by kristi-san. So, it was another semi-relaxing, semi-random weekend in Niigata. This time, however, Star came up from Tokyo to join in the festivities. Persevering through the start of… Continue reading

Tales from the 中学校…

So, I’ve been correcting compositions lately. My third-year students went on a school trip to Kyoto back in April, so each of them wrote me a letter about their most important memories. I… Continue reading