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Things I like about Japan #3: Fans

As I think I’ve mentioned repeatedly, summers in Japan are hot and humid (蒸し暑い, or mushiatsui, is a phrase you’ll hear countless times). There are a few things that make this bearable, however.… Continue reading

Koudou: The Japanese tradition you’ve never heard of

Image courtesy of 薬師寺日記 As I mentioned before, I’m doing a homestay here in Kyoto. I have a fairly insane class/homework schedule, but I usually talk to my host parents every morning at… Continue reading

Why Japan doesn’t have Daylight Savings Time

Sunrise, Mt. Fuji Originally uploaded by kristi-san. So, this post is a bit late, but did you know that Japan doesn’t observe daylight savings time? I was baffled when I discovered this but… Continue reading