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Updates from the Garden

It’s been a busy time for my balcony garden! In March, I added thyme, peppermint, eggplant and tomato to my oregano and rosemary plants from the fall, and things have been growing like crazy!… Continue reading

Adventures in Herb Gardening

At the end of the summer, I moved from the heart of Shibuya to a new apartment just north of Shinjuku called Takadanobaba. Although I was a bit sad to leave all of… Continue reading

Autumn Leaves

Photo by kristi-san The Japanese take great pride in the fact that they have four seasons. No, seriously—I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard the sentence, “Here in Japan we have… Continue reading

Ginkaku-ji and the Philosopher’s Path

So, this post is actually about a trip that I took a while back—during my very first weekend in Kyoto, in fact. The CLS/KCJS folks arranged a trip along the Philosopher’s Path (… Continue reading

Kanazawa Weekend

Hey folks. So, Kanazawa was amazingly wonderful. The city has the reputation of being like a more manageable version of Kyoto, and you know, it’s kinda true. It really is a fantastic place… Continue reading