Up-and-down day today–the spectre of teaching is looming every closer. Yikes. One of the many adventures of the day involved a 100-yen store in Sanjo, where I stumbled upon this: For those of… Continue reading

The Big Snake Festival

Click here to view more photos Originally uploaded by kristi-san. Yesterday, the JET crowd hit up yet another local summer festival. This time it was the “big snake” festival out in Shitada, a… Continue reading

One month down, eleven to go…

Well, as of yesterday, I’ve officially been in Japan for one whole calendar month – pretty crazy, eh? I must say, it’s gone much more quickly than I expected. I’m sure things will… Continue reading

Sado Earth Celebration 2005

On Friday, I went over to Sado Island for the annual Earth Celebration Festival with Aaron, Grace, and some of the other ALTs. We drove down to Joetsu and took a ferry to… Continue reading

Prefectural Orientation in Niigata City

Just got home from a two-day prefectural orientation in Niigata City, the largest city in my prefecture and also the largest city on the Japan Sea coast. It was pretty fun, all in… Continue reading

Kamo Festival!

Today was the Kamo Festival, which meant lots of fun for the new Kamo ALTs! Rosalind and I started off with lunch at Pinokio’s and a walk by the river with Grace. In… Continue reading

Yahiko Shrine

In honor of Rosalind’s birthday, a group of us headed out to Yahiko today for a hike up the mountain and a closer look at the Yahiko Shrine. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it… Continue reading

Snails, frog, and nato – oh my!

It’s been a really interesting weekend. I’ve gotten to see a lot more of Niigata, thanks to the hordes of other JETs around here. Friday I met the other prefectural ALTs at our… Continue reading

Yahiko Mountain and Nagaoka Fireworks

Took the day off work yesterday to do a little bit of sightseeing around Niigata. Julia and Yamaya-san (the giver of the car) took me to practice driving and showed me the routes… Continue reading

Lazy day

Nothing too exciting yesterday, except for the fact that I started and finished the new Harry Potter book. I tried to pace myself, but it was a really quick read. I enjoyed it…… Continue reading