Mr. Men & Little Miss Do Harajuku

Sunday Jam x Mr. Men

Japan knows cute. Even when said cuteness doesn’t originate in Japan, this is a country that has a way of bringing everything adorable to the heart of Tokyo–often in the form of limited-run theme cafes. Pikachu cafes, Hello Kitty cafes… You name it, there’s probably someone in Tokyo painstakingly crafting food to look like it. Summer is a particular hotbed of theme cafes, and during my brief residency in Harajuku last summer, I took it upon myself to visit the Sunday Jam x Mr. Men collaboration a couple of times. Sunday Jam is a lovely little brunch/lunch restaurant in Harajuku that’s plenty cute all on its own, and last summer they teamed up with Mr. Men / Little Miss, a cast of adorable characters based on a 1970s book series by Roger Hargreaves. I actually only became aware of these characters in the last couple of years, but they are a real classic among British children.

Sunday Jam x Mr. Men

This sign gives you a taste of the adorableness yet to come. I thought that the fun and colorful character of the Mr. Men / Little Miss world fit just perfectly with the natural playfulness of Sunday Jam.

Sunday Jam x Mr. Men

The thing about these theme cafes is that they often come with collectible goods, something small for you to take home as a souvenir of that cuteness you once consumed. I ordered “Mr. Bump’s Surf Pancake,” a delightful plate with two pancakes arranged like a surfboard around a filling of fresh fruit and a whipped cream wave, complete with vanilla ice cream and a little chocolate palm tree. Of course, they give you a clean cup to take home, so you don’t have to worry about the mess.

Sunday Jam x Mr. Men

I was living just down the block, so I came back a second time to check out “Mr. Strong’s Fruit Custard Pancake.” Apparently, Mr. Strong really likes eggs, so it made sense to construct his dish as a stack of pancakes topped with a tasty custard and fresh fruit concoction. The adorable Mr. Strong cup was filled with affogato and came with an S-shaped cookie dipped in chocolate.

Sunday Jam x Mr. Men

And here’s a picture of me with my Mr. Strong dish. I love the bright colors in this place. Even when they’re not doing a collaboration, it’s extremely cute! I have brought many friends here for brunch over the years. The lines get long sometimes, but it’s never as crazy as something like Eggs ‘n Things, for example.

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This time I chose Mr. Strong! #mrmen

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My friend ordered “Little Miss Sunshine’s Walking Matcha Waffle,” a green tea and chocolate flavored waffle with whipped cream.

Sunday Jam x Mr. Men

Anyway, if you’re in Tokyo for long enough to do anything but see the major sights, I definitely recommend that you check out some of the seasonal summer cafe collaborations around town. Time Out Tokyo is often a good English-language resource for discovering fun local events.

Are you a fan of Mr. Men and Little Miss? Have you been to any cute cafes lately? Tell me about it in the comments!

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