A Modern Girl’s Year in Blogging: 2014 Edition

2014 Blogging Report 1

Every year, the WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepare an annual report for all of their blogs, which makes it a great time to reflect on the year gone by. It was a pretty slow year for A Modern Girl in terms of new content, but I was happy to see that people were still dropping by, resulting in a total of about 33,000 views.

2014 Blogging Report 2

Some of my most popular posts were from 2012 and 2013–it looks like my readers love food and coffee and that rice cooker baking is on the rise (wocka wocka)! My top posts were:

  1. Rice Cooker Baking Experiment #2: Banana Bread
  2. Rice Cooker Baking Experiment #3: Rosemary Bread
  3. 4 Hours and 7 Cups of Coffee in Tokyo
  4. Things I Like About Japan #7: Crepes in Harajuku
  5. Places in Japan: One Fantastic Day in Historic Takayama

As always, I’m interested in how people find me and grateful to those who have been kind enough to share my content. Special thanks to The Japan Blog ListThe Japan Blog Directory, and 10 Magazine, as well as those who have graciously featured my content in the Japanese news.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 1.47.07 PM

Finally, I’m always impressed with the wide variety of places from which people access my blog–oh, the wonders of the Internet! It turns out that people from 143 countries stopped by at some point or another, and I’m grateful for every single one of you.

2014 Blogging Report 5

So, there you have it, my 2014 year in blogging–let’s make 2015 way better! And don’t forget to follow me on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook!

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