Updates from the Garden

First tomato blossoms and fruit!

It’s been a busy time for my balcony garden! In March, I added thyme, peppermint, eggplant and tomato to my oregano and rosemary plants from the fall, and things have been growing like crazy! Six weeks ago, my first little tomatoes appeared (above), and now my tomato plant looks like this:


Six weeks ago, my first eggplant blossom appeared:

First eggplant blossom!

And then this cute little eggplant showed itself three weeks ago:

Woke up to find my very first eggplant!

And now that little guy is the big eggplant below and there’s another one well on the way!


Anyway, it’s all very exciting to watch my garden grow and change every day. I had another basil-themed dinner party a few weeks ago, serving up some mozarella, cherry tomato and basil skewers and garlic basil shrimp. (My friend brought some yummy cheeses, bread, and a Meyer lemon cheesecake, so we had a real feast!) And even after that, my basil plants are still pretty big and growing fast:


This little garden has really been one of my favorite things about my little apartment. Are you doing any gardening this year? Tell me about it in the comments!


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