Hello Kitty Does the London Olympics


I’ve been a fan of Hello Kitty since I was a child. Every couple of weeks, I used to go to the local character shop in the Houston’s former Sharpstown Mall to buy the latest Sanrio stickers, pencils, pens, and other accessories. And actually, even now, one of my major hobbies while in Japan is collecting Gotochi Kitty products, souvenirs that depict the popular cat character in costumes and with products of specific towns and regions in Japan. I probably have around 100 cell phone charms at this point, commemorating my travels to various parts of the country. They make great souvenirs—I’m planning to post about them at some point, but half of my collection is in the US, so it may happen in stages.

Anyway, in addition to making products depicting local attractions and specialties, Sanrio also makes seasonal or event-based Hello Kitty products. Now that the London Olympics are on, for example, London-themed Kitty-chan products abound. And I have to say, they’re pretty cute!

hklondon2 hklondon3

Of course, they also have a whole series of products for the Olympics itself. I picked up a couple of items from Vivitix, a character shop in Queen’s Square, Minato Mirai.

hkolympics2 hkolympics4

They didn’t have a cell phone charm version, so I settled for a pen with a Hello Kitty charm attached, complete with wreath, cape, and Olympic symbol:


Anyway, I proudly claim my identity as a Hello Kitty fan. In the future, I’m hoping to have some kind of display constructed to feature all of the Kitty-chans that I’ve collected over the years—perhaps in the shape of Japan, with all of the Kitty characters posted in their respective hometowns. Wouldn’t that be a funny thing to have in a home or office? :) I hear there are also a couple of Hello Kitty/Sanrio amusement parks in the Tokyo area, so maybe I’ll have a chance to visit one before I move back to the US.

Anyway, apologies for the long hiatus—things have been really busy! More posts coming soon, I hope!

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