China Eats: Yángròu Pàomó in Xi’an


I enjoyed so many delicious foods when I was in China last year! Although many people are only familiar with the limited range of dishes available at Chinese restaurants abroad, Chinese cuisine is really amazingly diverse. Some of my favorite examples were the Muslim-influenced dishes, including yángròu pàomó (羊肉泡馍, pictured above).

At the recommendation of Lonely Planet, we made our way to Lǎo Sūn Jiā, a famous Xi’an restaurant that is supposedly over a century old. The restaurant was fantastically difficult to find, at least for those who doesn’t speak Chinese. I suspect that the restaurant had moved recently—given the pace at which China is changing, I hear that it’s not uncommon for restaurants to quickly open, close, or relocate. But it could have just been our mistake. In any case, at long last,we found it!


Yángròu pàomó is a soup dish that involves crumbling a flat loaf of bread into a bowl and adding noodles, mutton and broth.


The ingredients were so fresh and yummy! After mixing everything together and letting the broth soak into the bread, the result was a delicious and comforting concoction, a perfect treat for a cold winter night. Well worth the wait!

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