Things I Like About Japan #7: Crepes In Harajuku


Harajuku has long been one of my favorite places in Tokyo (and in Japan). The area has become famous as a center of youthful fashion, and shopping. The bridge between Harajuku and the Meiji Shrine often serves as a gathering place for people dressing in the style of lolita, visual kei, and more. Although there’s been a bit of backlash and some people now find it passe, I still love Harajuku. I love the energetic atmosphere, the affordable shopping, the cute cafes…

But one of my favorite things about Harajuku is the crepes. They aren’t the same as French crepes, but they’re delightfully yummy concoctions perfect for enjoying as one walks around and enjoys the sights. Crepes are one of Harajuku’s symbols—just ask Hello Kitty:

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Whenever I walk down Takeshita-dori, I find the smell of crepes simply irresistible (really, I almost always give in). You can get an astonishing array of flavors. In addition to typical delights such as ice cream, cheesecake, pie, chocolate sauce, fruit, custard, and nuts, there are also more exotic items that cater to Japanese tastes like tuna and curry. My personal favorite is the banana and chocolate:


Go to Harajuku and have a crepe, why don’t you?

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