Bloggiesta: Complete!


Well, it’s Sunday night here in Tokyo, and I’m happy to announced that I’ve crossed the Bloggiesta finish line! Over the past couple of days, I accomplished all of my stated goals and even a little extra. Specifically, I:

  • Wrote five fun new posts, which will be unveiled here soon.
  • Participated in eight mini-challenges.
  • Learned how to use MisterLinky, which I will be incorporating in the future.
  • Added menus/submenus to highlight themes such as travel, books, and food & drink.
  • Commented on more than 20 blogs owned by Bloggiesta participants and others.
  • Found some great new blogs to add to my RSS feed.
  • Gained some new Twitter followers.
  • Reviewed my sidebar, deleted some outdated items, added some exciting new items (like a Goodreads widget and a list of recent popular posts), and generally cleaned things up.
  • Graded my blog and got some interesting ideas on areas for improvement.
  • Added an updated copyright notice.
  • Backed up my blog.
  • Got some great new ideas for the future, like maybe having some giveaways, cleaning up my tags/categories, and exploring the idea of search engine optimization.
  • Watched the 10th and 11th seasons of Frasier (which wasn’t on the list but made the whole thing much more pleasant!).

Apologies if any of you experienced problems while trying to view my blog over the past few days. And if any of you who follow me via RSS feed saw some strange and out-of-date posts, that was a result of me trying to clean up some of the tags on my older posts—sorry! If any of you know how to update WordPress tags/categories on old posts without having them resent to the RSS feed, please let me know!

Overall, participating in Bloggiesta was a really fun and energizing experience! It helped inspire me and renew my enthusiasm for blogging. I am definitely going to try and participate in the future—and you should, too!

There’s still lots of time left for bloggers participating elsewhere in the world, so stop by the Bloggiesta announcement post and do some blog hopping to cheer them on!

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