Anti-Nuclear Protest, Shibuya


There was a small anti-nuclear protest near my apartment in Shibuya tonight. I could hear the chanting about Fukushima, so I went out to take a look. The protest seemed to be in the “sound demo” format, where people play loud music and walk down the streets dancing and waving banners. It’s about an non-threatening as protest gets, and indeed, if not for the banners and the dozens of policemen surrounding the group, you might just think that these were some people playing loud music on the streets of Shibuya on a Saturday night (which really wouldn’t be all that odd for this neighborhood). This one seemed pretty small, with probably 30-40 participants and about as many protesters. I’m sure there will be much bigger protests tomorrow, since it is the six-month anniversary of Japan’s tragic earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster.

I spliced together a couple of short videos that I took and included them below. The footage isn’t very good, since I was a bit too far away and it was dark, but it gives you a feel for what was going on:

It’s hard to believe it’s already been six months since the disaster. There’s still so much left unaddressed.

If you’re curious about “sound demos,” you can watch a video of a much bigger one in Osaka here. Other protests take a quieter approach, with just the chants of the people and maybe some drums to beat while people are walking along. This one in Shibuya in March had ~1,500 participants, speeches, etc.

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