Welcome! ようこそ!

I just wanted to say a special hello to the new readers who have been introduced to my blog recently. A few weeks ago, Searchina, a Japanese website that primarily distributes information on China, featured an article about my blog and my post on koi in Japanese. You can read the article here. As a result, my blog received over 4,600 hits in one day! And a number of new subscribers, both English and Japanese, have sent me many kind messages and comments.

Unfortunately, my blog has only been written in English up until now. Although I’ve been studying Japanese since high school, it’s simply more comfortable for me to write in my native language—and most of my friends/readers up to this point have been English speakers. But I welcome comments or messages written in Japanese! And I’m thinking about adding Japanese language content in the future. It would be good practice for me. If you have any bright ideas about possible topics, please let me know!


By the way, I had a very pleasant Christmas Day here in Tokyo. As I’ve mentioned previously, the holiday is celebrated rather differently in Japan. While New Year’s tends to be the big family holiday, Christmas is often more of a couples’ affair—Christmas Eve in particular tends to be a big date night. On Christmas Day, typical activities include eating roast chicken, KFC and/or Christmas cake, attending a big Christmas lighting event, or perhaps doing some shopping. The latter had to be the biggest change for me—I’m so used to the streets being completely quiet on Christmas, since all the shops are closed in the US. But this year, I was able to enjoy a delicious buffet lunch at Roti and then shop late into the evening of the 25th in Shinjuku. I consciously tried to avoid the big lighting events, since it seemed like they were going to be absolutely packed. They did have some festive lights up around where I was shopping in Takashimaya Times Square though:

Creative Commons License Photo by kristi-san

Creative Commons License Photo by kristi-san

By the way, Tofugu has an interesting blog post on Japanese Christmas traditions, if you want to read more.

I hope all of you are having a very happy holiday season!