Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Turkey Day to all of you in the U.S.! Here in Japan, it’s business-as-usual. There is in fact a national holiday for Labor Thanksgiving Day here, which was on November 23, but it’s nothing like the eating/shopping extravaganza that is Thanksgiving/Black Friday in the U.S. According to Wikipedia, you’re supposed to think about the environment, peace and human rights. But I think most people just consider it a day to sleep in.

Due to the general lack of both turkeys and ovens in Japan, I couldn’t have an American-style celebration (although I did just order a roaster oven, so at least part of that problem will be solved in the near future). I heard that a couple of the hotels in Tokyo were serving Thanksgiving lunch and dinner buffets, but at ¥2,887-¥5,250 ($34.42-$62.60), it just didn’t seem worth it. I probably could have ordered all of the necessary components from the Foreign Buyers Club or one of the other import services, but that seemed like an even more money- and labor-intensive proposition. (I have to admit that I was tempted though—I *really* like turkey. Really.) So, I spent the holiday working on various papers, projects, and fellowship applications. I mailed a particularly troublesome application off today, and as a treat, I took a long stroll around Rikugien, one of Tokyo’s beautiful landscape gardens, to appreciate the changing autumn leaves. I  took a bunch of great photographs that I’m looking forward to sharing with you, after I sort through them all and get them uploaded.

If you’re looking for some armchair theories about why Japanese people don’t eat turkeys, click here and here. But really, why would they?

Anyway, don’t get trampled at the crazy holiday sales! That HDTV just isn’t worth it!