Furry Fall Fashion

A fellow train passenger traveling through Tokyo

Don’t worry, this isn’t a post about those furries—just the normal kind. It’s fall in Tokyo, and even though it’s really not that cold (San Francisco on a summer evening is way colder than it is here right now), it’s obvious that people have begun to switch to their autumn wardrobes. It’s also obvious that fur is back, in a big way. I was inspired to write about it after standing/sitting in close proximity to the young woman in the photo above, whose furry legwarmers were kind of amazing. I can only imagine how warm she must have been, given that it wasn’t at all cold on the train (I was wearing a t-shirt dress). But that’s the price you pay for fashion, I guess (that and the oodles of money she probably spent on that Louis Vuitton handbag).

Anyway, fur is everywhere and on everything: hats, purses, earmuffs, boots, sandals, scarves… In about a 100-foot area of Nikke Colton Plaza (the large shopping area near where I live), I was about to snap the following fur-related photos on my cell phone:


And of course, some of these things are pretty normal. Furry earmuffs? Pretty standard. Fur-topped boots? Not terribly shocking. But there are some pieces that are a bit more unusual, such as fur on sandals:

Photo courtesy of tokyofashion.com

And then there’s fur just for fur’s sake, which is really the only way I can describe the furry tail-like attachments that you see some people sporting:

Photo courtesy of tokyofashion.com

But the last item is probably something you’d only see in the trendier parts of Tokyo dominated by youngsters (Shibuya would be an obvious guess). I have yet to see any of the sensible types out here in Chiba sporting tails.

Tokyo Fashion has a great English-language post full of lots of high-quality pictures that you should totally check out if you want to see more furry fashion like that above and the stuff the young ladies are sporting below. Click here to read it.