The Japanese can make anything cute…

So, every day on my way to class, I walk through or past the tallest building in Japan, the Landmark Tower (and an amusement park with one of the world’s largest ferris wheels, but that’s not the subject of this particular entry). While I definitely think it’s pretty cool, the Landmark Tower is not what I think of as “cute” – it looks more like a medieval fortress crossed with a skyscraper and tends to ring more “imposing” or “impressive” in my mind. Exhibit A, the Landmark Tower:

Landmark Tower, Yokohama

But of course, I was simply seeing the building with my non-cuteness-creating American eyes. The Japanese, however, know exactly how the cuteness of this building would manifest, if the latter so desired. Exhibit B, an advertisement for the Landmark Tower’s 15th anniversary:

Anthropomorphized Landmark Tower

I particularly like the declaration of “I Love You!” at the top. And the way that the top section of the building so nicely imitates a mouth just where one is needed.

Second day of classes was good, but I have so much homework!