First day of language classes…

It went well, but I am so so so so tired. I woke up around 4:30 am (partly because I’m not fully adjusted to Japanese time and partly because that’s when the sun comes up in this crazy country), had a busy morning of classes, and then went on a class field trip to Sojiji, Yokohama’s largest Buddhist temple, for a rather intense tour (all in Japanese, of course). Highlights included witnessing some type of Buddhist ceremony and experiencing zazen (which included getting whacked by a Buddhist priest with a large piece of wood – and it was a good whack). Anyway, I still have a lot of homework to do, and my brain is fading quickly, but here are some pics:

Buddhist Monk, Sojiji
Our tour guide

One of the buildings of the temple

One of the shrines within the temple

It’s been an interesting first week back in Japan. But for now I’m off to try and finish this homework before I pass out.