The Shins @ The Warfield

I saw The Shins for the fifth time in my life last night. Unfortunately, due to schoolwork, I entirely missed Viva Voce, who I've seen before and adore. But yes, The Shins. My love for this band is driven largely by the energy of their live performances, and it's interesting to see how they've grown and changed in the last two years. Thoughts:

  • The guys got really popular! The Warfield was sold out, and it looked it. It seems like I won't be seeing The Shins in any intimate venues anytime soon.
  • They looked tired – SF is their last stop on a four-month tour. They still delivered some amazing songs though.
  • It was weird seeing Eric Johnson (of The Fruit Bats) as part of the band. I'm dubious, though his presence seemed to allow James Mercer not to have to work as hard. I must admit that I have a secret fear that this man is going to wreck one of my favorite groups (I baselessly blame him for all of the shortcomings of Wincing the Night Away).
  • Anita Robinson (of Viva Voce) provided backing vocals and tambourine for several songs – yay! I didn't realize that she contributed vocals to the new Shins album, too. Feel the Portland love.
  • There weren't nearly as many random antics – Marty only got in one bizarre comment, regarding the "gang sign" he'd made up for Viva Voce (VV).
  • Favorite song of the night: Turn A Square
  • I'm so glad I dragged myself out to SF, despite the impending doom that is the end of this semester.

Set List
Sleeping Lessons
Pam Berry
Phantom Limb
Kissing The Lipless
Mine's Not A High Horse
Girl Inform Me
New Slang
Girl Sailor
Turn A Square
Gone for Good
Saint Simon
A Comet Appears
Turn On Me
Breathe (Pink Floyd cover)
Know Your Onion
Caring Is Creepy
Someone I Care About (Modern Lovers cover)
So Says I

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