Music as a method of coping

Yesterday I became fascinated with The Apples in Stereo and their latest album New Magnetic Wonder. This video of them is great – maybe because it totally depicts what I feel like doing when I hear this song. :) Or maybe because it reminds me of how much I love driving around and listening to music.

My favorite part may be the guy drumming with the Coca-Cola bottle in the back. It's totally me.

Oh, and by "became fascinated", I mean that I listened to their album and immediately bought tickets to see them at The Independent in March. Fun stuff.

In other news, last night and this morning were very stressful and involved some intense reading and writing about constructivism. I seem to be going through an Elephant Six phase. I also continue to be intrigued by

The new Modest Mouse video for "Dashboard" premiered today. I'm rather impatient to hear the new album. March 20.

Camden left for Ecuador yesterday, via Miami. He came by to drop off a few plants (yay for plants!) and actually brought me chicken curry from our favorite San Francisco Indian restaurant. What a doll. He claims he went there for lunch and the fellow taking his order asked why he wasn't having chicken curry – upon hearing that it was because I wasn't there, said fellow said that he's better order some for me anyway. It seems there are some advantages to being bizarrely predictable.

Ok, more stress is imminent. I'm going to walk over to Amoeba Music and drown my sorrows in CD shopping before I dive back into work.

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