Item 1: It's cold outside, and a little bit cold inside. See cold Kristi below.

It's cold outside!

Item 2: I have to say, Napoleon Dynamite is much more amusing upon repeat viewing. When I saw in in the theater, I thought it was funny, but the painful awkwardness of the whole thing was just a little too intense. When I don't have to focus 100 percent of my attention on the movie, it's more amusing and less cringe-inspiring.

Item 3: I've been summoned for jury duty, of all things. And on the very first day of class, too. I'm hoping I won't actually have to go in – I guess they have a web/phone method of checking in to see if you're needed. *crossing fingers*

Item 4: My high school friend Steve Dirks came to town today! He was driving back home to L.A. from Portland and decided to stop in Berkeley along the way. We last saw each other a little over two years ago, so we had a lot of catching up to do – grabbed Thai for dinner, drinks at Raleigh's, and then a late dessert at Denny's. Good times!!! *And* I might have found someone to go to Coachella with, so I'm really excited!

Steve & Kristi, Raleigh's, Berkeley

Item 5: I really need to work on those funding applications – tomorrow is my last day of freedom!

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