Googlin’ the night away…

So, the ever-wonderful Camden invited me to accompany him to the annual Google holiday party, which made for a very fun and exciting Friday night. Google rented out a huge warehouse on Pier 48 and constructed a number of huge themed rooms, complete with entertainment, dancing, food, games, activities, and pretty much anything else you could think of. According to Camden, there were around 2,000 people in attendance – and it sure felt like it! Seeing so many well-dressed, young, English-speaking people was such a thrill for me, after what felt like an eternity of bizarre social isolation in Japan. Anyway, we had a really good time, and then at midnight, we shifted over to the official Google after-party at Mezzanine, which was also crowded and mostly consisted of Camden and I dancing. My feet were in pretty bad shape by the end of the night, but I managed to make it without making Camden carry me. All in all, a wonderful night, a wonderful adventure. And I got to meet a bunch of Camden's work friends, which was a treat.

Camden & Kristi, Google Holiday Party

Google Holiday Party

Kristi & Camden, Google Holiday Party

Camden, Adam & Rebecca, Google Holiday Party

En route to the party, I actually stopped by my departmental happy hour and felt extremely overdressed. But I suppose it was a good conversation starter.


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