Random Post-Thanksgiving Items

1. Snow in Western Washington. Bizarre.

Exhibit 1a: UW Tacoma webcam

Snowy UW Tacoma

Exhibit 1b: Ice-related car crash in front of my brother's house (courtesy of kazzman – you can see the arson house in the background!)

2. I like spending time with my family.

Exhibit 2a: Brother and Kristi, Puyallup

Siblings, Thanksgiving

3. Japanese 100-yen shops have apparently crossed the Pacific and landed in *drum roll* Puyallup. That's right, the South Hill Mall now has its very own Daiso, complete with very authentic Japanese ownership and a variety of practical and fun goods for only $1.50 each. Blows my mind.

Exhibit 3a: Daiso Japan, Puyallup

Daiso, Puyallup

4. As awesome as the Wii is, it seems fated to cause ills such as Wii elbow and breakage of some very expensive TVs. Is it worth it? I think the answer may be: "Yes. Yes, it is."

Exhibit 4a: A Wii Workout: When Video Games Hurt (from The Wall Street Journal)

Exhibit 4b: http://wiikilledmytv.com/

That is all.

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