A little piece of Japan in San Francisco…

I had a marvelous day in San Francisco with Sarah, a fellow ALT from last year's Niigata group.  It was great to meet up in the "real" world caching up on each other's lives.  We met up in Oakland and started off with lunch in the Haight, before somewhat randomly deciding to walk to Japantown.  We entered from the wrong side, so we were initially a little skeptical about the place, but it turned out to be pretty fun in the end.  We browsed through omiyage, Japanese books, foods, and much more.  I bought some chinsuko (tasty Okinawan cookies) and are mochi ice cream, and we even managed to get some purikura (print club) pictures before walking back downtown.  What a nice day!

JapantownTotoro & Kristi, JapantownKristi-zilla versus Sumo SarahSarah & Kristi

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