And the story continues…

Yeah, so I’m not going to wax philosophical about this goodbye business because … well, it’s pretty much the running theme for the next couple of weeks, right? :)

Yesterday I parted ways with a class that was formerly my noisiest, least-behaved of all my schools (they’ve subsequently mellowed quite a bit though). I actually really adore these guys – I have a soft spot in my heart for the difficult ones. ;) After receiving a few declarations of love and cuteness, I was quite loathe to leave. I’ll see them around for the next week or so though:

Class 2-2, Kamo Jr. High
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Last night, a yet-again-sick Aaron and I met up with Nishigata-sensei, a JTE (Japanese Teacher of English) who we both happened to work with this year, due to the wonders of the educational transfer system. We feasted on yakiniku and had a very relaxing time chatting.

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Team Teachers!
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Aaron and I followed it up by hitting the late show of Mission Impossible III in Tsubame, probably the last time I’ll be seeing a movie in Japan for at least a few years. It’s a rather interesting process really – a weekly “Ladies Day”, assigned seating, Japanese people who don’t laugh or leave til the credits are completely finished… Oh, and of course, a thankfully reversed set of logic that makes the latest show of the evening also the cheapest one (+1 point, Japan!). I thought the movie itself was fairly entertaining, lots of twists and turns. It seemed very … reasonable, as odd as that sounds.

Anyway, I just found out that I have absolutely positively NO classes today because all of my kidlings are painstakingly composing farewell letters for me. *tear* Yep yep. I guess that means I should finally plan my weekend agenda – this weekend I’m heading to the general vicinity of Nagoya to get myself into all kinds of random adventures and witness the awesomeness that will be a sumo tournament.

Oh, and I’m having dinner with the mayor of Kamo tonight. And a big enkai tomorrow night. And God knows what else. Oh, Japan.