Happy Fourth of July!

So, in celebration of the Fourth of July, Melissa, Kate, Errol, myself, and Kayvohn (our honorary American) got together for an American-style hoedown in Maki, complete with beef, (accidental) pork burgers, corn, apple pie, Coca-Cola, “Spirit of America” brownies, music, and sparklers. There were flags everywhere, and good times were had by all (lighting sparklers by the Shinto shrine was especially notable). I think it was quite possibly simultaneously the most and least American event I have ever experienced, if that makes any sense. Happy Birthday, USA!

The Americans
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Spirit of America Brownies
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Shisa & Kristi, Maki
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The days are running dreadfully short all of a sudden, and I find myself desperately penciling in appointments, errands, and get-togethers left and right. It’s nice. But kinda strange, too. Am I really going home in just three weeks?