Tales from the 中学校…

So, I’ve been correcting compositions lately. My third-year students went on a school trip to Kyoto back in April, so each of them wrote me a letter about their most important memories. I thought I’d share a couple of my favorites, complete with student illustrations…

Student Drawing: Scary Deer
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Dear Kristi-sensei,
How are you?
I went to on school trip.
I want to tell you about this picture.
I went to Nara park.
Then there were many deer.
Some deer came to me.
Finally I was surrounded by deer.
The deer were very scary.
(Kazama Yukiko)

Student Drawing: Funny Story
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Dear Kristi-sensei,
How are you Kristi? I went to on a school trip. I had good times. The best memory is Watazen. I was talking till late at night. After that I was very surprised at talking while sleeping my friend. She said “Ouch!” She is Takahashi Kasumi. Her way of sleeping was very strange. But she was very cute!

Things are winding down fast! Here’s the running count:

26 days until I leave Niigata
28 days until I leave Japan

That means just…

13.5 days of teaching
1 Board of Education meeting