Beach-y Goodness and Other Tales of Niigata

It was back to the grind this week, with lots of school business and errands to take care of. It seems that I only have about six weeks before my triumphant return to the U.S., and that comes along with all sorts of tasks that must be attended to. The weekend, however, was all about fun. Friday I did some much needed lying about, while the evening encompassed a pancake party at Nuria’s and a welcome enkai for Aaron’s parents at the Aqua Hotel. Saturday was Round Two of English Day at Niigata Women’s College, the same affair I went to back in December but with a new batch of students. It was fun and an easy way to pick up some extra cash – but wow does it make you realize how much work conversation can really be!

June English Day, Niigata Women’s College
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After the English mayhem, we were all in need of a relaxing time. Fortunately enough, Melissa and Kate invited a bunch of us down to Maki for a beach BBQ, Maki-style. There was a wealth of food and drink to be had, as well as good company. Phil in particular came prepared for a good time, with glowsticks and fireworks and some surprisingly developed bonfire-making skills. The weather held out and resulted in a very nice time for all concerned – and we didn’t even get abducted by the North Koreans, whose boat lights we swore we could see on the horizon. Here are some highlights, some courtesy of Phil:

The Gang, Maki Beach
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Making S’mores, Maki Beach
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Phil on Fireworks
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And now, it’s Sunday. How does the weekend always speed by so quickly? Gotta get moving on all this stuff, before everything passes me by.

P.S. I <3 Kung Fu Hustle