The mundane, the wonderful

I took a drive out to Sanjo today, to go to the gym and buy some groceries. But along the way, I took the time to stop and photograph some of the sights that grace my regular errand-running. There are the things that aren’t special enough to take pictures of, but I have a feeling they’ll be the ones I miss most once my time here has come to an end. I love the landscapes right now – all of the rice fields are flooded for spring, and it makes Niigata seem like a surreal sort of floating world. Here are a few of the snippets from my day:

Rice Field Reflections, Sanjo
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Roadside Shrine, Sanjo
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Shrine in the Rice Fields, Sanjo
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That little shrine in the last shot really charmed me for some reason. Perhaps because it seemed so elegant in the water, and it was just sitting there, amidst a sea of houses and agriculture… Anyway, yay for Niigata.

I should do some writing before this weekend is over. Hope everyone is doing well. And Happy Mother’s Day!