More sakura love and urban fun

So, it’s been a little while. Things have been kinda crazy and kinda random, but then again, that’s often the way life is out here in Japan. On Thursday, Aaron and I caught the sakura fever and decided to make our way up to Osakiyama Park near Sanjo to take a look at the blossoms there. The journey itself was a bit of an adventure, but the blossoms were definitely beautiful. I also loved the view from the top of the mountain – it gave a rare glimpse of Sanjo and Tsubame, with Mt. Yahiko looming in the distance.

Sanjo and Mt. Yahiko, Osakiyama Park
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Kristi, Osakiyama Park
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Afterwards, Aaron and I decided to go to Pizza Hut for dinner. That in itself was fairly unusual, given that it was only our third time visiting the place since arriving in Japan. But lo and behold, who should we run into but Sarah and Nuria? Anyway, the four of us enjoyed our gaijin fare and then topped it off by visiting the brand new Baskin Robbins in Tsubame. (It’s telling when these kinds of places are exciting, isn’t it?)

Anyway, my very blustery Friday was spent down in Nagaoka at a Board of Education meeting, and Saturday I hung out with some old friends in an attempt to escape Niigata for a while. Again, yay for onsen. Saturday night I met up with Melissa, Kate, Kayvohn, and Errol for a little fun out in Niigata City. We went to a place called Hallelujah, which ended up being a lot of fun.

Kristi, Kate, & Melissa, Hallelujah
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And now it’s Monday and the day has been pure insanity. I just taught five classes in a row, something that has never happened before. And I also didn’t know about any of them beforehand, so talk about starting things off with a bang. :) I’m happy though, my least favorite JTE left and has been replaced by one who seems fairly nice and very capable. Looks like tomorrow is going to be crazy too – I kinda feel like I should go straight home and just start sleeping now. ;)