The Decision

I am happy to announce that this fall I will be beginning a Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley. The official acceptance forms have been sent in and I’m currently in the midst of sending decline notices and thank you emails to the dozens of people who have helped me during this deliberation process. Started looking at fall courses today and felt a glimmer of excitement here and there. Maybe it will all be all right.

In other news, today was a very rainy and blustery day in Kamo. I’ve been holed up inside my apartment – things just don’t look inviting out there. Been watching a lot of TV; I definitely get my money’s worth out of my cable subscription. But they recently deprived me of my daily 1-hour Simpsons fix, which I find really distressing. That 6-7 pm time slot got me through a lot of rough times out here. The Saturday viewing was a little lacking, so I started watching the first season of Lost on DVD, something I picked up on my last jaunt through the U.S. *Highly* addictive. I look forward to spending many hours engrossed in it.

Oh, and Star and I decided to go to Okinawa for a weekend in May. Should be an islandy good time. Yay for the Niigata Airport.