This weekend was really nice. You know why? Because it was like a weekend I might have had at home. Friday night, I went out to see Narnia with Aaron, which was very enjoyable. True to the book, without being tedious. Saturday morning, I slept in before meeting Aaron again to take a look at Honai Park. Honai is a tiny town halfway between Kamo and Sanjo; I’ve driven past it a hundred times but never ventured out of the car before. The park itself was definitely not in its best shape. A long winter and quickly melting snow had turned many of the paths into faint mud trails – Aaron and I went on a few wild goose chases, but it was all in the spirit of a good adventure. The park boasted a very nice greenhouse, which gave me an opportunity to get a little more creative with my pictures. Here’s a favorite:

In the Greenhouse, Honai Park
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Saturday night, I went out with a couple of Japanese friends for a yakiniku feast and drinks in Kamo. Wow, it was so much fun! We ate *so* much. And I got to practice my Japanese for a few hours, which was nice. That’s the only thing about being an English teacher out here – you don’t always get to work on the language skills. Anyway, I opted out of the karaoke in favor of an early night (trying to rest up for my hectic week to come).

Today was an even lazier day. I watched a couple of the movies that Adam lent me: Innocence and Demonlover. Loved both of them, albeit in very different ways. And now … now I’m trying to get myself mentally prepared for another week at work. It’s a light one though – Tuesday is a national holiday and Friday I’m off to the U.S.! よし、行くぞ!