Final grad school results

Well, I’m done with the application process that has been my life for the last six months – the last two letters came in the mail yesterday. And, for posterity, here are the results in full:

Admitted to:
UC Berkeley
University of Wisconsin
University of Washington

Waitlisted at:
UC San Diego
University of Michigan

Denied at:
University of Chicago

I have plans to visit Princeton, Cornell, and UC Berkeley in less than a week. Here’s my horrible horrible itinerary:

Friday, 3/24: Tokyo –> Seattle, WA
Sunday, 3/26: Seattle, WA –> Newark, NJ (Monday, 3/27)
Tuesday, 3/28: New York City, NY –> Ithaca, NY
Wednesday, 3/29: Ithaca, NY –> San Francisco, CA
Thursday, 3/30: San Francisco, CA –> Seattle, WA
Saturday, 4/1: Seattle, WA –> Tokyo (Sunday, 4/2)

Doesn’t it make you tired just looking at it? I’ll need a vacation just to recover from my “vacation”. :)