You know it’s been a bad winter when…

The government wants to give it a name. The number of snow-related deaths (134) this season is the second-highest in the post-war era. Although I personally think that “Heisei 18 (2006) Heavy Snow” isn’t nearly exciting enough – how about “winter of death” or “the time when the killer snow attacked”?

Had dinner with Aaron and Nuria last night. Aaron cooked enough pasta to feed a small army, and in the end, the spaghetti defeated the three of us. We didn’t go down without a fight though. Anyway, we got to talk a bit about our upcoming weekend in South Korea, which looks to be quite a good time. Can’t wait – things have been so exciting lately!

Today I’m living in the land of a thousand speaking tests. Or so it seems. Kinda like it though – it’s a rare chance to interact with the students on an individual basis. They’re ever so much more cooperative that way, not surprisingly.

Back to the grind. My base school is switching to a new (and much better) textbook next year, so they’ve given me the task of basically determing the new curriculum. Kinda tough though. Ah well, I have two to three months to do it. ;)