Kristi goes manga…

So, the Japanese academic year begins in April and ends in March, which means that third-year junior high students are currently taking high school entrance exams and preparing for the exciting world of high school. They’re also putting together their yearbooks, for which all of the teachers have to write a little something. I was handed a draft of my entry today to proofread, complete with a drawing of me done by one of my students:

Kristi’s Yearbook Entry
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The resemblance isn’t that strong, but the glasses are right on. ;) I seriously wonder what would happen if I ever stopped being lazy and actually wore my contacts to school. I’m sure some of the kids would be like “Umm… who are you?” Anyway, I thought it was cute. Sometimes they really make me feel all warm and fuzzy, those little imps…

Ok, bedtime. I managed to watch an entire DVD of The Simpsons while printing photos, doing laundry, and otherwise wasting time this evening. And no, I didn’t pack for Sapporo. Argh. Ah well, that’s what tomorrow afternoon is for, right? ;)