Let the good times roll…

So, the last few days have been the happiest I’ve had here in Japan. Work is going *amazingly* well. I’m busy, I’m teaching a lot, planning tons of lessons, interacting with students verbally and via written diaries – it’s amazing. A total 180 from where I was before the holidays. The week just flew by – and I actually felt a pang of regret when I formalized my decision to end my contract on Wednesday. I’m really astounded at how much happier it’s made me, just the simple act of giving me stuff to do.

On Wednesday, Rosalind and I went to the last installment of our Japanese cooking class. It was fun – I even wore the ridiculous Hello Kitty apron she gave me for my birthday. We made mazezushi (sushi rice), shredded vegetables with meat and miso, greens and egg soup, brown sugar and sesami seed cookies, and “milk”-dipped strawberries. It was pretty tasty overall. I made the cookies, which were quite nice. And quite cute as well. They took class photos, so maybe I’ll be able to get my hands on one sometime. They even had a little closing ceremony – very Japanese.